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Everyone loves a comeback…

So it has been a long time since I last posted. My wife and I had a gorgeous baby girl and I took a break from the blog game to focus on my family and I have loved every second of it. I would like to get back into posting every now and then and it will mostly focus on easy posts that reveal illustration work I am doing and comic books. Just quick posts for you to check out and maybe brighten your day a bit.

It’s good to be back and writing and I hope you enjoy the future posts. Thank you for the support and to new readers, welcome to the site. To kick things off here is a little illustration I just posted to Dribbble for all the Ghostbusters fans out there.



Brief Hiatus: Just had a Baby

I just wanted to let all my faithful readers know that the blog, especially the weekly recommendations will be on a brief hiatus as my wife and I just had a beautiful baby girl. Until I can get on some sort of schedule I am just not going to have much time for posts for a few weeks. I appreciate all the support and loyal readers and hope to find you back here and reading when time permits me to start lighting up the blogosphere again.

New Comic Book Day: October 29th

Got a nice little selection of comic books for you to be on the look out for this week. Let’s get into it.

We have Black Science #10 out and it needs no introduction. Solid book with fantastic art work, this should be on your pull list. Roche Limit #2 follows a solid debut and has some interesting promise. Keep reading this book and let’s see where it goes. We also have Southern Bastards #5 and with the way the last issue ended I was shocked and excited to see where this book takes us. Keep running with it.  We also have a new title debut this week with Rasputin #1. Loved this character from Hellboy so it will be interesting to see a new spin on this historical figure. One of my top recommendations every month and back this week with issue #24 is Saga. This is a must read, must buy every month and should never be passed on. It keeps on getting better and the writing and art work is some of the best in the business.

From Marvel we have a title featuring my favorite character, Thanos A God Up There Listening # 4 is out and needs to be bought.

That’s it for this week, check back soon for a new comic book review going up Friday. Images below for reference.








Avenger 2: Age of Ultron Trailer

The Age of Ultron trailer hit the scene and this movie is shaping up to the best of the Marvel Universe. I was blown away, the effects look incredible and James Spader as Ultron might be the best villain to hit the screen since we saw Thanos first show up. I won’t go too much into the details because I don’t want to ruin the surprise but you need to check out this trailer as soon as possible. New cast members, amazing voice overs and just thrills and chills abound here. Get pumped, May 1, 2015 can’t get here soon enough.


New Comic Day: October 22

Sorry it’s a little late but here are my picks for the week. Keeping it short and sweet.

Both from Image this week and it’s a slow week, but be prepared because next week has a ton of titles that will crush your wallet.

We have Lazarus #12 and The Wicked + The Divine #5 both out this week and both are highly recommended. The writing is great, the art styles are fantastic and both are a must buy and read. pick them up while you can.



New Comic Day: October 15

I am keeping it short and sweet this week because I am not feeling great and I have been busy getting the house ready for the arrival of our baby. Sorry I missed last week but hopefully the few gems this week makes up for it. So here we go.

Everything is from Image Comics this week except for one Marvel title. We have Deadly Class #8 out, pick it up for the trippy cover art alone if you don’t enjoy the story, which I am digging a lot. Supreme Blue Rose #4 is still taking us along a mind bending ride and has me kind of hooked. Lastly from Image we have Trees # 6 and good god the cover art is gorgeous. Story is solid and I love seeing what the cover design is each month.

From Marvel we have Death of Wolverine #4. Love the slight chromium look I have been seeing on the covers each issue and this one is worth a read. Buy it.

Images below for reference and see you next week.






New Comic Day: October 1

It is the start of my favorite month as October kicks off today and I have to tell you I am stoked. I love Halloween, I love the fall and I love everything the season brings with it. A bit of a cold snap in the air, the leaves start turning the colors of my beloved alma mater and the food starts getting warmer and just a bit cozier. One thing that also helps with a colder Wednesday in October, the opportunity to buy new comics abounds. So here are a few picks for this week to check out and enjoy.

Squidder Issue 4 releases and continues to pick up steam. Love the art work, love the Cthulhu-esque story line. Buy this comic. Ben Templesmith does not disappoint.

From Marvel we have Death of Wolverine Issue 3 out today and I am curious as to where this whole thing actually is headed. With the House of Ideas, who knows. Also, look for the reprint of MiracleMan #11 and the comic that caused so much controversy, Thor #1 is also out today featuring a new female Thor. Might want to pick this one up for sure.

From Image we have a few good titles that are worth picking up. Alex + Ada is out and I can’t stop enjoying this comic book. It’s a great read, emotional and touching. Great change from the usual horror or action I am constantly reading. We also have Nailbiter #6, another title that I am really getting into as it gets better each issue. If you want some gratuitous hot girl kills monsters then pick up Hack/Slash Son of Samhain #4 this week. Its interesting premise and likable characters keep me coming back.

Hope this will get you through next Wednesday and be sure to swing by your local shop and help them out. Images below for reference.








New Comic Day: September 24

Well faithful fans, I apologize for this weeks post arriving 2 days late but work has been insane and I didn’t have time to post. But on the flip side you get this right before the weekend so you can head out to your favorite shop and pick up a few comics.

So I am going to keep it light this week and drop four Image titles on you, including a new debut comic book to check out. To start we have Outcast Issue 4. From the buzz I have heard about this book, it is literally flying off the shelves. Great sign and goes to support my reasoning for telling you all to buy it. Pick it up before it’s gone. We also have Low Issue 3 out and I am a bit confused by what is actually happening but I will give it another issue or two to sort it out some. I don’t want it to turn into an Undertow type comic that was ridiculously difficult to follow but I continued to purchase out of a feeling of obligation. We have all been there. Finally; and the best title on this list, Saga Issue 23 hits stands as well. Not to beat a dead horse but good god this is an amazing comic book. Purchase it, buy it, trade for it, I don’t care. You need to be owning this book.

The debut title is Roche Limit Issue 1 and it looks interesting. Sound premise with a futuristic Blade Runner vibe set in space. Awesome. Give it a shot. Should be fun.

Images below for reference and get out and buy some comic books.





New Comic Day: September 17

I am going to keep this one short and sweet this week as all the titles are coming from Image. I know I focus on Image a lot but for the new visitors to my blog, the reasoning is that I feel like Marvel and DC get plenty of shelf space and marketing while Image titles tend to float under the radar. The other reason is that as I am getting older I find Image titles tend to catch my interest a lot more. The writing as a whole is much better and the cover work is insanely good. So on that note here are my recommendations for the week.

Four great titles need to be bought this week, no questions asked. We have Issue 5 of Trees, which is really picking up and has some of the best cover design since Sex Criminals started printing. Shutter Issue 6 is also out and so far has been a wild ride of fun and excellent story telling. Also, The Wicked + The Divine is out and this title is one of my new favorites. Great writing and the art work is top notch. It also has a really cool cover motif going on as each week a character is featured on the cover.

Finally, after a bit of a hiatus, Deadly Class is back and needs to be bought. Issue 7 continues the chaos and mayhem of previous issues and this is just a fun book to get into. Pick it up quickly because it tends to sell out. As with all Image titles, a lot of shops don’t carry a lot of some of these books unless it’s Saga or East of West, so buy them quick.

Have a great week, leave any comments below and forward this blog on to your comic book loving friends. They can thank you later. Images below for reference.Trees_05





New Comic Day: September 10

It’s a new week and we have a few really good issues to enjoy here. I am going to hit you with some of my favorite Image comics and finish up with one Marvel title I think everyone can get into.

We have a Millarworld title with MPH Issue 3 and this is just a fun comic. Solid storytelling and enjoyable to flip through, while it’s no Jupiter Legacy, it gets the job done. We also have Lazarus Issue 11 to get your sticky mitts on and while very serious, the art work and writing are very good and the story paces well. Pick it up.

Now for two of my favorites, we have Spread Issue 3 out and this is a comic I am really getting into. The main character doesn’t speak much but you get a very strong sense of the type of person he is and the values he holds dear. This is a must read title. On top of that, my favorite comic on the market right now and a very close contender with Saga each month is East of West and Issue 15 is out this week. I praise this title monthly and the art work and writing are some of the best I have seen. I wait with baited breath monthly for this book and the cover art blows me away each time. Worth every cent and a must buy.

From Marvel we have the Death of Wolverine Issue 2 and I really enjoyed the first issue. This character needs no explanation so pick it up and enjoy it. After a lackluster Original Sin conclusion, I am hoping this will get the job done. I want to give you my money Marvel, so let’s pick it up.

Images for reference below and get out there and buy those books.